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Blockchain Internet: Unchaining the Web

Интернет на основе блокчейна: освобождение от оков The article was first published at CoinCentral  RYAN SMITH Why Blockchain Internet? The internet is approaching its thirtieth birthday, or thereabouts. We’ve come a long way since those early days of floppy discs … Continue reading

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A new age for digital advertising with blockchain?

Новая эра цифровой рекламы с помощью блокчейна? This article was first published at Mintdice  Advertising has become an essential part of promoting any type of business available and even plays a role in driving the data market further. The world of … Continue reading

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Correlation between bitcoin and stocks to damage crypto industry?

Как могут повредить крипто-индустрии корреляции между курсом биткойна и курсами фондового рынка? The original article was firxt published at Mintdice. The movement between traditional stock markets and the cryptocurrency markets is similar in many ways. This has been observed upon analysis of the gains … Continue reading

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What Is the Request Network (REQ)? | The Only Guide You’ll Need

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Что такое сеть платёжных требований REQ? Всё что Вам нужно о ней знать. The original paper was first published at Coincentral. STEVEN BUCHKO What Is the Request Network? The Request Network (Request for short) is an Ethereum-based, decentralized payment system in which … Continue reading

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Lenovo USA to create cutting-edge software with blockchain

 Lenovo USA создаёт инновационное программное обеспечение на блокчейне.  This article was first published at Mintdice  Credits, a blockchain startup which specializes in the provision of services for launching decentralized applications (DApps), is set to join the Lenovo USA New Vision Technology project. According to … Continue reading

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On the Frontline: How Blockchain Forensics Fight Crypto Crimes

Как блокчейн может обнаруживать преступления, связанные с криптовалютами. This article was forst published at Coincentral SARAH ROTHRIE One of the first things that any crypto noob learns about Bitcoin is that it isn’t anonymous. The takedown of dark web marketplace Silk Road … Continue reading

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Blockchain to prevent another economic crash?

Может ли блокчейн предотвратить новый экономический кризис? This Article was first pulshed at Like any other system, the global economy is susceptible to failure at many different points. Unfortunately, due to the interconnectedness of the world, an economic crisis … Continue reading

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